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JS - Great goals, not redundant resolutions

It’s January 1st and I guarantee that the generic ‘this is why resolutions are pointless posts’ are flooding into your LinkedIn feed (or other forms of social media), yet here I am trying to force one more into the already saturated field. However, this one is different. This post will not go on about what you should do, how you should do it and end with an inspiring quote. Instead, I will offer logic as to why I use goals throughout the year - not just in January.

In the last six months Matthew Deprez and I have started a catering business; my first foray into self-employment and his second. The journey so far has been one fraught with excitement (“we’ve finally perfected the recipes!”), danger (“what do you mean the adapter isn’t for our fryer?”), jubilation (“we’ve hit 500 followers on Instagram!”) and exhaustion (“can we go home now, mate?”).

Between the two of us we have been incredibly pedantic about how to market, create and even distribute various parts of this business which we want to see flourish. We have done things this way because very early on we discussed goals. What we wanted to do, how we would do it, what we would do if (unfortunately) we missed a goal and where this business would end up.

Why is this relevant to the idea of goals versus resolutions? My resolutions from 2017 were promptly dropped when I took up the opportunity to partner in a business. Did that upset me? Well, a little. Nevertheless, it did not take long for me to forgive myself as I broke resolutions but then outlined goals for the future. Goals that we outlined in March/April/May, not January.

One of our goals this year is to be more interactive and engaging on mediums like LinkedIn. This week, my goal is to write a LinkedIn blog post for the first time. Our most recent goal was to hit 500 followers on Instagram (@omgchurros) before 2018 began. That goal we reached (with 5 hours and 14 minutes to spare).

The reason I enjoy setting goals is because they can be reset when they are reached. A resolution is about changing habits, learning something new or cutting back on something else. For me, it isn’t always easy to follow something rigidly and I get disheartened if something in my life, whether that be personal or professional, takes me off course from my resolution. I enjoy setting goals, then reassessing them. Take the Instagram followers goal, we have now reached our first goal, but are setting ourselves the next target to reach 1000 followers in the next six months (while continuing to increase engagement). By having this target, it helps us to focus on thinking about our social media strategy, content calendar and interactions with other users on the platform.

For me, this is the start of an interesting journey, I’ve been involved in plenty of small business ventures, but this is the first time that my money is on the line and it definitely helps to focus the mind! I’m very keen on learning from others’ experiences, so if you are someone who owns a business, works for a start-up or even relates to what we are discussing, we welcome any advice or suggestions whilst we continue to learn and grow.

Here’s to 2018, my year of goals!



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