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MD - Becoming a 'social media guru'

Becoming a social media guru

It’s time to get serious about social media! Over the past few years, we’ve underused social media at omgstfood. We’ve also expected better results than we deserve.

Through the launch of omgchurros we’ve taken a professional approach. Strategy, research & analysis are all now part of what we do. I know it will take some time to get these accounts performing well but I’m happy to invest the time & can see the potential.

I was recently enlightened by reading Instagram marketing by David J Green.

The three things that struck me most from this book:

- Very few small businesses use Instagram

- Quality over quantity

- Review what works

I now find myself astonished that small businesses I encounter don’t have an insta page. I want to make some suggestions but being a complete novice I hold myself back.

I’m no social media guru but I’m loving the journey I’m on. It’s fun. I’m learning. It’s much harder work than I’d have thought. I want followers & likes & I want proper engagement with our customers! I know I can achieve this & maybe this time next year I’ll be able to share some guru-level tips!

What have you learnt from growing your business through social media?

Pic: me doing Star Wars Churros photo shoot 😆



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