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Time to go to work!

The real work starts on Monday! Week one of full-time employment was a strange one because at the end of it I was off on holiday. I had mixed feelings about working on holiday and I've done a few bits but it I've mainly wanted to just enjoy the time.

Monday will be the first ‘proper’ day and hopefully it's the first day of many many more running OMG Churros / OMG Streetfood. The things I keep coming back to are: What if I don’t make enough money? Will I have to venture into London? I need to be out and about trading but that limits my opportunity to run the business - that's what evenings are for I guess? I have plans but how do I implement them on a daily basis?

I know where I’m trying to take the business and feel confident. I also know how I’ll achieve this but it doesn’t stop me frequently thinking of the above questions.

Who am I picking the phone up to on Monday morning?! Maybe I need to read that business plan again...



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